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Trying out libbitcoin (currently not compiling on ubuntu pangolin)

Amir’s sx, which is build on libbitcoin, sounds cool. I tried building it. Failed on make. Any advice? (Posting here with link from above reedit.) —– UPDATE: works on debian wheezy ootb. I’ll leave the failure messages for others … Continue reading

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Primecoin — And Generally, Altcoins That Do Something Useful — And remind me again, how is finding primes actually useful?

Wouldn’t it be great if the next wanna be bitcoin clone tried to do something useful with the work done in mining, rather than mindlessly compute sha25 hashes? The first attempt at this that I recall was a few months … Continue reading

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Talking Bitcoin in New York City

Thomas and Mike and a mysterious altcoin speculator¬†talking Bitcoin with Peercoin founder Zachary Burt ¬†in New York City. TLDR of the vlog: At the present time, apart from speculation, bitcoin is used for drugs and gambling, and not much else. … Continue reading

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